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About Us

Who we are


I run this service out of my home in Pittsburgh PA during the off hours. During the 9-5 I work in the corporate office of a fortune-500 manufacturing company based in the area.

Materials Offered


We prefer to always print in Black PLA. We do this to keep prices low and accuracy high. We are able to offer PETG and other PLA colors but at slightly higher prices/lead times. No other materials are currently offered.



We have 4 machines in total. 3 with 280mm(X) by 180mm(Y) by 180mm(Z) and 1 machine with a 300m x 300m x 300m. So we can produce a high volume of quality parts quickly.

Products for Sale

Grip for Nintendo Switch


Based of an Xbox 360 controller this is the most comfortable Nintendo switch grip available. Available on request for $10 shipped.

Gun Stock for Oculus Rift

Occulus Rift Gun Stock

Very popular item. Designed by myself but based off other's designs. More than 150 already sold.

Request a Quote Directly

Request a quote directly

For the best price available please reach out directly. 3DPGH.xyz@gmail.com